on one's own authority: real life – secret life

In 2017 the dresdner schmalfilmtage are coming of age and will focus on – as is appropriate for an 18th edition – the newly gained passive and active voting right in film art. While initiative, independency and freedom of art have been the festival's keystones in its working credo and program ever since, the festival will now explicitly highlight contemporary facets of these aspects in its 2017 edition. How to emancipate oneself – let it be from the parents, from dominant gender concepts, history, dominancy of the digital era or a tendency towards canonizing representation forms – will be the common theme of the three-day-long festival as well as acting on one's own authority. In accordance also the spectators will be invited to get involved – in the form of an “open screening”, discussions and workshops. Not to forget each individual voice which will count when it's off to the ballot box at the competitions: We call upon all eligible voters when it comes to electing the filmic pieces of fillet at the undisputed highlight – the International Super8/16 Competition.


>> Who were the guests, and what was shown? An overview of the 1st to the 17th dresdner schmalfilmtage