INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUPER8/16 Saturday, 20 January 2018 9.00 pm

This is the climax of the 19th dresden small format film festival! The filmmakers present are all introduced, and can report on their films themselves and answer questions from the public. The competition provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in a personal film world, which can very often only be discerned to exist and can be experienced remote from the online platforms, tv formats or big cinema screens. This time around the public will be able to enjoy a programme rich in variety and original film experiences. The international expert jury will choose the best films of the year and also pronounce commendations, and a popular public prize will be awarded.

The following films are nominated

Katzenlotto, Dagie Brundert, 2'48, D 2017
Did you take the koke?, Leandro Galetta, 2'10, Uruguay 2017
Brief Nr. 1, Amir Hossein Abootalebi, 7'26, GER 2017
Where did they come from? Jim Zimmermann, 3'30, GER 2017
Dog in the shade, Ei Toshinari, 11'00, Jap/US 2016
Transformation, Telemach Wiesinger, 12'00, GER 2018
Hozho, Christian Petzold, 3'45, GER/ Costa RIca 2017
Let sleeping beauties lie, Michel A. Chappuis, 3'28, CH 2017
Faded Tropics, Valentina Alvarado Matos, 6'00, Venezuela/Spain 2016
Elements 1, 2, 3, Tomaž Burlin, 7'30, F 2017


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