Workshop: Edit Art History, with Via Lewandowski

Digitalised yet uncut Super 8 film material by Via Lewandowsky and Jens Büttner from the 80's and 90's is laid out ready to be used in this workshop. The participants can edit the material on their own or in teams, distorting, or combining it with contemporary material in order to create a scene or a short film.
The artist will be giving a short historical introduction, which will be complemented by  Nadine Bors referring to the basics of story telling.  At the end of the workshop the results will be discussed and on the Saturday evening the jury's choice will be shown in the motorenhalle.

Conduct Via Lewandowsky,
Jens Büttner
Date 19. / 20.1. 2018
Time   Fr 12-18 Uhr, Sa 10-16 Uhr
Course fee 80 Euro / reduced 65 Euro
Ort Medienwerkstatt im Kultur Forum, Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 2. OG
Material/ Erfahrung: please bring a notebook with a film authoring programme. Prior registration required


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