Retrospective ARTAVAZD PELECHIAN (ARM) Sunday 18 October 2020, 7 pm, Motorenhalle

curation and moderation: Nadine Bors

Artavazd Pelechian, born in Armenia, studied at the Moscow Film School (VGIK). Since the 1960s he made visionary and radically inventive films. His films have been awarded numerous prizes, but only recently his work has begun to attract serious international attention. The director works with his images as if they were a complex score. His films are odes, symphonies that speak of humanity, nature and the cosmos. He does not see cinema as a narrative medium, but as an intelligence in the world.

Au Début (1967) 10:00 min
Nous (1969) 25:00 min
Les Habitans (1970) 10 min
Les Saisons (1972) 29:00 min
Notre Siécle (1982) 50:00 min
Fin (1982) 9 min
Vie (1993) 6:00 min