LIVE DUBBING COMPETITION Friday 15 March, 21:30, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (Backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guests: The musicians & jury, Moderator: Enna Miau (musician, author); Curator: René Seim (Head Perfume Records)

Moderated by Enna Miau, exciting musicians and artists from genres as diverse as jazz, singer-songwriter, electro and experimental music tried once again this year to convince the jury that they could deliver the funniest, most dramatic, most imaginative or simply most fitting soundtrack to a 16mm or 8mm film from the archive of the DRKRM Dresden, film- and fotolab.

This year, the jury consisting of Martina Store (musician & conductor; Vocalis Ensemble Dresden / Chamber Orchestra Meißen, Myrta), Robert E. Smith (musician; Dry Skin / I'm Your Stalker) and Simon Arnold (drummer; SOJUS1) was won over by the entry from das Vertikal.

The audience award went to Peukert.


Martina Stoye (musicion & conductress; Vocalis Ensemble Dresden / Kammerorchester Meißen, Myrta)
Robert E. Smith (musician; Dry Skin / I'm Your Stalker)
Simon Arnold (drummer; SOJUS1)

Not without reminding us of the behavioral scientist, we also do research, only adjectivized - i.e. behaviorally. We are looking for the doors, spaces between the lines, behind the tower, the rest.

Konrad Seidlitz: software / hardware / mixing
Lorenz Klewe: piano / perc

In the very early days, when this strange concrete wall was still standing around in Berlin, a child was born in Budyšin who wanted, was allowed, should and had to enjoy the music education achievements of the German Democratic Republic at an early age and play the violin.
The concrete wall fell down. I cut my mohawk, dropped out of school and started an apprenticeship as a squatter. I threw the violin against the wall, but soon got myself a new one because I was too lazy to learn the guitar. I used it to play in bands with funny names like Köterkacke in the 90s. After they broke up, I started making music solo out of boredom. A name had to be found, Geigerzähler was a good fit and since 2003 I've been touring mostly through the German-speaking world as Geigerzähler, but I've also played in Tel Aviv, Ramallah or New York.
In the beginning it was punk without drums, guitar and bass unplugged with violin and vocals. Later I added folk, reggae and two duos - Berlinska Dróha and Atze Wellblech. From time to time I play violin in musically very different projects and was part of the monthly reading stage Kopfstand. The punk duo "Circolo Vizioso" has continuity.

He is a Berlin-based pianist and composer. In addition to his main instrument, he also plays synthesizers and other electro-acoustic sound generators and works with cassette tapes, contact microphones, objects, as well as loopers and samplers. Growing up in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, local musicians such as Johannes Enders and The Notwist awakened his interest in jazz, new music, punk and various types of electronic music. He studied jazz piano at the Würzburg University of Music with Bernhard Pichl and at the Weimar University of Music with Achim Kaufmann. Concerts have taken him to Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, England and the United States. In 2018, he founded the trio werken with Copenhagen-based singer Sarah Buchner and Düsseldorf-based clarinettist Sebastian Langer, which is dedicated to improvised chamber music beyond stylistic listening expectations; the trio released its debut album kollektive verkabelung in 2023. Since 2022, he has been working with composer and sound artist Jascha Hagen on the cybernetic expansion of the prepared piano. In the same year, he became part of the radio art collective Rundfunkorchestra. He has also worked with musicians such as Bill Elgart, Alex Bayer, Loren Stillman, Max Koch, Ignaz Schick, Jordan White, Jonas Sorgenfrei and many others.

BUBU (Berlin)
The young formation Bubu tries its hand at a free jazz sound which, although it breaks away from diatonic chord combinations, still swings. In a suite-like manner, they transition from one theme to the next in a complex formal structure, so that the usual pattern of "one song after the next" becomes blurred and the concerts take on a meditative, contemplative character. free improvisation is at the heart of the show, and the three musicians are happy to lean out of the window - either happily or unsuccessfully.

Paul Engelmann: reeds
Benjamin Lehmann: double bass
Martial Frenzel: drums

The black-and-white silent film Lilly Strada was just one of numerous art productions by the Brotvögel, which emerged from the blues customer movement in Magdeburg at the end of the 1980s and operated from the Oberkossa commune in the Altenbuger Land region from 1990. Musicians Jörg Stübing, a philosophy student, and Jörg Semper, an art student, were the nucleus for many years. In the 90s, the film was shown countless times in cowsheds, halls, at small festivals and in numerous art house cinemas. The live musical soundtrack was an integral part of the performance.
Mostly in random band formations. Almost none of the Breadbirds' countless performance art and music events have been documented. The film has remained. On the occasion of the "33 years of Oberkossa" festival in 2023, the film was once again set to music live. Five musicians have knitted the film material into a dense, quotation-rich soundtrack and have thus taken up the virulent artistic creation of that time in their own way. Live recordings are planned for 2024, including in Dresden.

The Lilly Strada Group are:
Christian Caspar: bass, congas
Markus Lange: guitar, banjo, backing voc.
Franziska Ramisch: vocals, harmonica, kazoo
Hannes Schulte: drums, loop station, rhythm machine
Michael Semper: synthesizer, theremin, tube radio, backing voc.

PEUKER (Dresden)
Matthias Peuker, founder of the Top Dog Brass Band and Triple Trouble, known as drummer Peuker, builder of the iconic drumsOnite - suitcase drums, from Upper Lusatia, Dresden, has been touring clubs and festivals in Europe for over 30 years and has been singing to the drums for 20 years. Now he dares to perform in front of an audience as a soloist, looper, multi-instrumentalist and singer ... and he can't resist dancing either ... OMG ... an extremely charming and strange musical virtuosity played on a specially invented machine as well as squash rackets, mini keyboards and more.
His music remains funky. His own songs and selected covers are looped live through the machines and microphones and performed in an extraordinary way, celebrated and celebrated with the audience. Peuker not only shows openly and bluntly what his art stands for, but also clearly what it is against. With this in mind: Not a millimeter to the right!


The formation "DAS VERTIKAL" develops genre-free music through the synthesis of self-created structures and textures. It strives to distance itself from stylistic clichés and traditional structures. The resulting space is filled with emotion and energy through intensive interplay. DAS VERTIKAL experiments with various methods that merge composition and improvisation and lead to a new listening experience. What is played is deconstructed acoustically and sometimes electronically to create new forms in real time that are characterized by the contrast between complexity and simplicity.

The trio was formed in Dresden in 2022 and consists of:
Shuyu Hsieh: piano
Simon Kuban: double bass
Arthur Clees: vibraphone
Samuel Dietze: drums, live electronics