LIVE DUBBING COMPETITION Friday 8 July, 21:00, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guests: The musicians & jury: Annett Groh, Florian Hohmann, Christian "Lasse" Brähler; Moderator: Ernst Dollwetzel; Curator: René Seim

This years live dubbing contest is over and it was beautiful! In front of a full house, Farid Ben Miles won the jury prize with his soundtrack for the film "Hochofen". In the opinion of the jury Annett Groh, Florian Hohmann and Christian "Lasse" Brähler, the guitarist created the best mood to the film and combined image and sound excellently. With his calm and atmospheric sounds Miles made the blast furnace in the engine hall run hot.
The audience present chose Paul Geigerzähler (violin, vocals) as their winner. Cost quality. The future ahead. Driven, stressed, tense and above all ironic, the violin and so also the management film of the GDR "Leitungstätigkeit" by Paul Geigenzähler became something very special and inspired the audience of the dresdner schmalfilmtage.

This program will also be streamed live online on facebook.

UPDATE!! Due to illness, MASHA and ELENA POIKILIA are unfortunately unable to participate in the live scoring competition. Good recovery to both from this point! JOE HAWKIM could be won as a replacement at short notice, so that on Friday six competitors will still face each other.

Max Arsava (synthesizer / various electroacoustic sound generators), film: Helme, Leitern, Gittern (helmets, ladders, grids)
Farid Ben Miles (Guitar), film: Hochofen (Blast Furnace)
Joe Hawkim, Dresden (Guitar, vocals) film: undecided
Paul Geigerzähler (Violin, Vocals): Leitungstätigkeit (Management activity)
Denise Frey (saxophone, Akai MPC, effect units) film: Stahlwerk (Steel mill)
Matthias Wyder Sound8 (syntesizer, Moog, effects) film: Oktoberfest (short)