OPENING NIGHT WITH MUSIC BY WINFRIED HETGER (DE) & THE FORBIDDEN REEL - ARIEL NASR (CA) Thursday 7 July, 18:00, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (HH), 01067 Dresden

OPENING Music: Winfried Hetger (DE)

Welcome to the summer edition of the dresdner schmalfilmtage - analogue films will flicker in the Motorenhalle and in the courtyard! For the festive opening Winfried Hetger will play bass, guitar and looper to his own black-and-white films in 16mm. Between the film programmes of the festival he will additionally present his cinematic-musical episodes  as "interjection“ in homage to the silent film era.

Focus Afghanistan I THE FORBIDDEN REEL – ARIEL NASR (CA); Moderation: Sabine Kues

Afghanistan's history in the second half of the 20th century was marked by oppression and violence. In the midst of war and chaos, Afghan filmmakers created an extraordinary national cinema. For a long time, the images were believed to be irrevocably lost. Afghan-Canadian filmmaker Ariel Nasr tells of an incredible rediscovery and makes clear how invaluable cinema is - not only as artistic expression or factual report, but also as a means of getting to know and better understand one's own history. (OV with engl. subtitels)

Image (above): Ariel Nasr, The Forbidden Reel, Canada, 2019