Children's Film Workshop FLIP BOOK: WHEN THE PICTURES LEARNED TO RUN Saturday 16 March, 14:00-15:30, Runde Ecke in the Kultur Forum, Wachsbleichstra├če 4a (Frontyard), 01067 Dresden

Lecturer: Jana Endruschat & Laura Demel

If you like, the flipbook is the predecessor of the movie, because if you flip through the little book under your thumb, it's like a short movie scene.
In our children's film workshop, we want to depict shared moments on film in simple imagery: we can watch a flower grow, observe a cat sneaking around or observe wandering blobs of color - there are no limits to the imagination. We will draw, stamp, cut, paint and try out lots of things, so that from the idea to gluing the pages or designing the cover, we end up with little pocket cinemas to take home.

Recommended age: 6 years and up
free of charge, registration required