SCENES FROM SASKATCHEWAN Saturday 16 March, 18:00, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (Backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guest: Mike Rollo (CA); Moderation: Franziska & Sophia Hoffmann

Canadian filmmaker and curator Mike Rollo presents his film discoveries from the middle of Canada. In his luggage he has film reels from Saskatchewan specially selected for the festival, whose motifs he describes as follows: "Open vistas and inner worlds, moving images of people and places. A mixture of films that deal with life and death and move in the spaces that lie in between. Eight filmmakers present "Scenes from Saskatchewan": Amalie Atkins, Kyath Battie, Mark Wihak, Gerald Saul, Matthew Ripplinger, Colby Richardson, Elian Mikkola, Chrystene Ells.

Mike Rollo is interested in documentary and experimental films, expanded cinema, film labs and film collectives. His films have been presented at festivals and galleries, including the Atlanta Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, FID Marseille, Los Angeles Film Forum, Museum of Modern Art Brazil, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. As a professor of film education at the University of Regina (CA), Mike Rollo accompanies independent films during their development. As a filmmaker, he also gives us insights into filmmaking and film labs in this region.


Film program curated by Mike Rollo:

Scenes from a Secret World, Amalie Atkins, 2009
Senescent Vivarium, Kyath Battie, 2018
Cinephile, Mark Wihak, 2013
Hi Dad, Gerald Saul, 2022
Sir Bailey, Matthew Ripplinger, 2017
Convolve, Colby Richardson, 2016
Aries, Elian Mikkola, 2020
Der Glöckner, Chrystene Ells, 2016


The program is in English