Long film ANGEL CITY Sunday 17 March, 16:15, Motorenhalle (backyard), Wachbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden.

Guest: Juan David González Monroy; Moderation: Jan Nordsieck

Last year, Juan David González Monroy launched a film series entitled "Condition Report" at the Arsenal cinema in Berlin. In this series, the filmmaker intends to share his personal moments of discovery while working as a copy tester in the archive of Arsenal, Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.. We have invited him to show one of his discoveries at the festival.  

For this occasion, he has chosen "Angel City" (1976) by Jon Jost. The film is a detective story in which the plot is secondary and the mystery plays no role. "Angel City" tells the story of Frank Goya (played by Bob Glaudini), a private detective in Los Angeles who tries to solve the death of a corporate mogul's wife. A second, sharper and hilarious film unfolds around this familiar theme: a portrait of Los Angeles in which Hollywood is both the charming seducer and the monster. Or to put it another way: capitalism is ready for its close-up.

The program is in English