INTERNATIONAL FOUND FOOTAGE COMPETITION Thursday 14 March, 21:30, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guests: filmmakers & jury; Moderation: Franziska & Sophia Hoffmann

A fine selection of international submissions competed for the jury prize, which provides financial support for research work in archives, and for this year's audience award. The filmmakers showed great ingenuity in creatively and originally combining found footage or sounds to create new works of cinematic art and give us special film experiences.

The winners of the International Found Footage Competition 2024 have now been announced. The jury prize went to Davide Minotti and Valeria Miracapillo “At all hours and none”. The jury consisted of Sabine Kues (co-initiator of the Found Footage Competition, freelance archive researcher), Michaela Metzger (visual artist, filmmaker, part of the artist duo NEOZOON), Alexander Stark (co-director of Filmgalerie Phase IV).

Jasper Rigole “Dear Gerald” was honored with the Audience Award.


nominated entries 2024

Sarah Bliss - MOTH PRINT
3:35 min, 2023, 16 mm, United States 

In »Moth Print«, the material found is not filmic, but the never-published memoirs of the filmmaker's deceased father. In it, the father describes how he isits his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. And so this film is a kind of collaboration between daughter and father and wants to confront us with the end or failure of memory.

3:11 min, 2023, super8 / 8 mm, Germany 

Simon Dickel sends us on a cinematic meditation on loss, loneliness and relationality, with footage from the 60s, 70s and 00s - shot in Great Britain and Italy.

Wheeler Winston Dixon - SLIP STREAM
4:39 min, 2023, 35 mm, United States 

»I have lived my life in the slipstream of experience.« said Elizabeth Jane Howard. Wheeler W. Dixon quotes her and takes us into a dreamlike silent movie world in his film.

4:34 min, 2023, 8 mm, United States 

We follow three – or is it just two friends on their dreamlike journey from youth to adulthood? Is one of them perhaps Alec?
Roger Horn's film blurs past and present, reality and fantasy, inviting us to question the reality, dreams and even existence of the protagonists on both sides of the camera. And all with found footage shot on the beaches of South Africa.

2:40 min, 2023, 16 mm, Canada

Dave Johnson lets two educational films collide. He combines this collision of images into a visual and acoustic adventure. At the same time, the movie tells of life as an artist and the process of making this film – or rather any film. Because as a filmmaker, you go through a lot when trying to create a unique and fascinating combination of visual and auditory stimulation. And then sometimes everything just changes in the filmmaking process, so that the original intention inevitably becomes something new.
In the end, as always, the question remains: will the film be a success or will it remain a »dream that I aspired to but couldn't realize«?

Alex MacKenzie - WAITING ROOM
3:00 min, 2022, 16 mm, Canada 

Found footage from the waiting room? Alex MacKenzie copies, combines and lays scenes of found footage on top of and next to each other in the laboratory by hand using an optical printer. He sends us on a journey through all the different emotional states between tension, calm, frustration, anxiety, injustice and inequality – everything that can happen to you in a waiting room.

Davide Minotti, Valeria Miracapillo - AT ALL HOURS AND NONE
19:52 min, 2023, 8 mm, Italy 

A voice guides the soul of a writer in exile, Asli Erdogan. She tells her story along the stages of her life: studies, problems with the justice system, farewells. Through snippets of photos and words, she finds herself and finally manages to write.

Jasper Rigole, DEAR GERALD
11:13 min, 2023, super8, Belgium 

Jasper Rigole runs IICADOM, the International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People's Memories. This archive is an attempt to rescue orphaned films from flea markets in and around Belgium.
With his film "Dear Gerald" he responds to an online review of one of his archive films.

10:54 min, 2022, 16 mm, Belgium

If eyes are the window to the soul, in "Immaculate Generations No. 1" you will look into thousands of souls.
Vito A. Rowland downloaded tens of thousands of individual retinal photos from public databases and arranged them into a film. His flicker film, or rather the flickering of his film, is based on how often a person blinks per minute. In "Immaculate Generations No. 1", we are sucked into a dazzling vortex of brief blinks and many brief moments, but with the halucinatory effect of prolonged eye contact.
Ten minutes of deep eye contact!