Prelude A TRASH EVENING ABOUT GARBAGE - at Umundu Festival Dresden Saturday 10 October 2020, 8.30 pm, Motorenhalle

In the early 1920s, schmalfilm was introduced as an alternative to the expensive 35 mm cinema film. This is the starting point for film in schools and classrooms. These magical moments remain into the 2000s, when the teacher rolls the projector into the classroom and a 16 mm wide strip of film explains the world to us. After that, the "picture sections" sorted out their teaching and other films or closed them completely. Much of the film stock ends up in the trash. Much else goes into private archives. In those we searched for real trash films. And what did we find? Only precocious children and lecturing speakers who fell out of time? Or statistics and numbers that make you feel ashamed? How does one approach the topic of garbage at the end of the last millennium? A look back into the future of yesterday!