LIVE DUBBING CONTEST Friday 16 October 2020, 9 pm, Motorenhalle

moderation: Johannes Gerstengarbe

Unpredictable, unexpected and with a wink, classic films on 8 and 16mm shine in a new sound. Silent classics from the archive were interpreted and presented live by musicians*, artists* or bands. And now the winners have been determined. And we congratulate them warmly! The jury prize was won by wellenvorm from Chemnitz for the soundtrack of the film "Nekrolog". It looks like a wiretapping system from a country of your choice, but it is a synthesizer! A synthesizer of the old school, the wiring is still visible and the intervention by the musician is still possible. Wellenvorm lives up to its name and creates an "obituary" of a very special kind. Whoever hasn't seen this and better said heard it, has really missed something! "An experimental short film from the late GDR experiences a cinematic sound symbiosis through the live soundtrack of Wellenvorm, a filmic sound symbiosis with dissonant piano tones and synthesized sound carpets, reminiscent of the silent film era", according to the jury from Luise Baumgarten (filmmaker, a.o. with Markus Weinberg "Die Mission der Lifeline"), Heike Schwarzer (journalist, author, reporter, mdr kultur und deutschlandfunk kultur) and Jürgen Grzondziel (head of the media library of the Saxon State Library - State and University Library). And there was also an honourable mention from the jury. It was awarded to Funkhaus, the trio from Berlin and Dresden, for the film adaptation of the film "Bananen Richter". And because it was so fantastic, they also won the audience award of the evening! A double honor, how wonderful! It was reminiscent of Dixiland and yet it was so completely different - with speech sound, sometimes very unusual on the trombone, with big and small effects a wonderful, successful setting!


XX. Gauklerfest „In Somnambula“
dubbed by Denise Frey (Darmstadt)

Bananen Richter
dubbed by Funkhaus (Berlin / Dresden)

Allerlei Dresden
dubbed by Misses Columbo (Dresden)

XXI. Gauklerfest „In Babylona“
dubbed by Amore Meow (Leipzig)

dubbed by Sons of Pike (Dresden)

dubbed by Wellenvorm (Chemnitz)


Luise Baumgarten (Filmmaker, f.e. with Markus Weinberg "Die Mission der Lifeline")
Heike Schwarzer (Journalist, author, mdr kultur und deutschlandfunk kultur)
Jürgen Grzondziel (Had of the media library at the Saxon State Library - State and University Library)