INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUPER8/16 Saturday 17 October 2020, 9 pm, Motorenhalle

moderation: Jan Nordsieck

Traditionally, prizes were also awarded on the Saturday of the Dresdner Schmalfilmtage at the International Competition Super 8/16. And the interest of filmmakers and viewers alike in this contest, which is reserved exclusively for productions originally produced on Super 8 and 16mm formats, continues undiminished. The jury prize went to Dagie Brundert with her film "Kicherlotto". "The film has a great impact in its simplicity and authenticity.  It is anti-capitalistic in content and form and conveys to us that we do not always need the most modern for progress, development and good entertainment. The bilingualism supports the humorous connotation and achieves a rhythmic dynamic in interaction with the music. Our prizewinner may not win the lottery, but she does in this year's international competition of the dresdner schmalfilmtage. We congratulate Dagie Brundert on the Jury Prize for her film "Kicherlotto", according to the jury Jutta Wille (cultural manager, German Short Film Association, DE), Valerie-Malin Schmid (filmmaker, DE) and Peter Miller (artist and filmmaker, USA). Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie received the honorable mention for their film "Valpi - Tectonics in Chile". "In Valpi - Tectonics in Chile we are quickly picked up and embedded in an ever evolving and fleeting world. This world is somewhere, at the same time nowhere and everywhere. The constant flow of repetitive forms and motifs in image and sound confuses us until we are completely immersed and can finally associate the projected image with analog film material," the jury said. And then the audience choose their favorit. At Motorenhalle Dresden, which was again packed to capacity, Michael Sommermeyer's (Hechtfilm - Filmproduktion) film "Fifty-Fifty" won the highly coveted audience award. The film is an exciting road trip in black and white, which could have ended either way. And the audience, who unfortunately could not be present in the Motorenhalle, awarded Jonas Erler and Marian Röder for their film "Infinity" with the Audience Online Prize, In an old projection room of a cinema something comes to life. 24 frames per second. 24 beats per minute. The analog film is immortal. 

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Nominations 2020:

Apel, Isabel ; Wolfesberger, David – Richtung Concierge linksdrehend, 3 min., super8, 2018

Brundert, Dagie – Kicherlotto, 3 min., super8, 2019

Dommer, Julius – ASCONA, 15 min., 16 mm, 2019

Erler, Jonas; Röder, Marian – Infinity, 2 min., super8, 2019

Müller, Patrick – Blink of Neon Eyes, 3 min., super8, 2019

Regol, Alexandre – EL ORO DE CAJAMARCA /  GOLD OF CAJAMARCA, 16 min., 16 mm, 2019

Shimada, Chiemi – Chiyo, 12 min., 16 mm, 2019

Sommermeyer, Michael – Fifty-Fifty, 10 min., super8, 2020

Tuohy, Richard and Dianna Barrie – Valpi - Tectonics in Chile, 9 min., 16 mm., 2019


Peter Miller (artist and filmmaker, USA)
Jutta Wille (cultural manager, German Short Film Association, DE)
Valerie-Malin Schmid (filmmaker, DE)