PERFORMANCE FILMBASE Thursday 16 September 2021, 8.00 pm, Motorenhalle

Guests: Lionel Palun (camera, laptop, mixer) (FR) & Riojim (16mm film projector) (FR); Moderated by Frank Eckhardt

In a genuine gesture by instrumentalists, Filmbase develops a series of rhythmic and textural explorations, visual and sound compositions that culminate in a new substance. Lionel Palun defines his work as electro-video. In Filmbase he does not use prepared images, but digitally re-films the light sent in analogue by Riojim. With the software he developed, he changes the moving image by introducing feedback, delays and movements. Riojim feeds the algorithms with his 16-mm film projections. The images are recorded and edited at Atelier MTK. The sound is also created from the analogue light sound and its digital rearrangements.