ARCHIVE TODAY - CINÉMATHÈQUE DE BRETAGNE Freitag 17 September 2021, 4.30 pm, Motorenhalle

Guest: Marie Carrez (FR); Moderation: Frank Eckhardt

Since 1986, the Film Archive of Brittany has been collecting, preserving and promoting amateur and professional films made in Brittany or by Bretons. As a guest, the programme creator Marie Carrez will present short films from different areas of the collection and in different techniques. The 1949 film "Africa 50" by René Vautier is an indictment of colonialism. The work was banned for a long time and the director, who was always very critical, was sentenced to one year in prison for endangering the state. "La Porte Rouge" by Bernard Thomazeau is an animation about voyeurism, non-communication, lonely dreams of lust and their non-fulfilment. In the film "Racleurs d'Océan", Anita Conti pays tribute to the work of cod fishermen off the coast of Newfoundland in 1952, the "convicts of the sea".

In cooperation with the Institut français Dresden

Image above: Racleurs d'océans d'Anita Conti (1952, 20 min, documentary, 16 mm, France)