LIVE DUBBING CONTEST Friday 17 September 2021, 9.00 pm, Motorenhalle

Guests: musicians & jury; Moderation: JB Nutsch; Curation: René Seim

Experience film classics on 8 and 16 mm, which will be given new sonic life live on location by musicians and artists with very different musical backgrounds. Film and music meet uniquely and only for a moment and together form something new. As diverse as the music will be this year, as diverse are the films to be recomposed. Whether whimsical private recordings, trash, cartoon and ancient films, as well as the fascinatingly grotesque. Every film gets its contemporary soundtrack and is further enriched by the sound of the audience.

And now the winners of the Live Dubbing Contest have been announced. Our warmest congratulations!

The jury prize went to Baran Butz. The world music orchestra surprised with a new unexpected sound to the film "Arbeitsschutz zu Grabe Part 4" by singing and playing songs from the Balkans to the Orient. The original vocal art and the playfulness of the band with the film convinced not only the jury members Matthias Wyder (musician), Morty Sanchez (musician) and Mareike Hube (musician), but also the audience present. And so Baran Butz also received the audience award of this year's live dubbing competition.

Participants 2021

Joe Hawkim (guitar, vocals); Film: Theo and the Self Help Part 4

Tini Bot (guitar, vocals); Film: Alcohol

Baran Butz (world music orchestra); Film: Work protection to grave Part 4

Lasse R (guitar, vocals); Film: Satires II - Funeral

Los Barricos (Heavy Rumba Rock); Film: Kintop Photo Contest