CHILDREN'S FILM WORKSHOP + PROGRAMME Saturday 18 September 2021 Workshop 2 pm - 4 pm, Programm 4 pm - 5 pm

2.00 pm CHILDREN'S FILM WORKSHOP Adlergasse Gallery in the Kultur Forum

Our film workshop for kids consists of two parts. With the zoetrope we show how moving pictures are made. The children can get creative and bring their first own film ideas to life: Drawn on strips of paper pictures will be transformed into film in the zoetrope. In the technical part of the workshop, the children can learn about analogue film technology, hold cameras in their hands and feel like projectionists. The children can experience all parts of the workshop or choose their own focus.

Age 5 - 13 years

Fee: 5 euros, registration required

Direction and curation: Deborah Kunze & Frank Sperling

Registration is required:

4.00 pm CHILDREN'S FILM PROGRAMME Adlergasse Gallery in the Kultur Forum

Following our children's film workshop, we present some special analogue films for young audiences. We marvel at extraordinary characters, laugh at adventurous stories and talk about the special features of the films. This year we look at fairy tale films, from “Sleeping Beauty” to “The Valiant Little Tailor”.

Moderation and curation: Deborah Kunze & Frank Sperling

Children's programme: 5 € / children have free admission