GALLERY EUROPE Thursday 16th - Saturday 19th September, at Galerie Adlergasse at Kultur Forum, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (Frontyard), 01067 Dresden

Exhibition with screening of the series "Europe, Old Love"; Guests: Max Scherer, Philipp Link (Gute Zeit Film, DE); Design: The Ferry Crew (DE)

The festival theme "Abstand/Nähe (Distance/ Proximity)" characterises the exhibition, which was designed by The Ferry Crew from Dresden. Here you can experience the project "Europe, Old Love", in which the Munich team of Gute Zeit Film assembles European found footage films. These have been re-edited and recomposed by authors, speakers and musicians - each EU country thus receives its very own film clip. It is a project close to the hearts of the filmmakers, who have been guests at the Max Ophüls Festival, the Short Fest Palm Springs and the Web Awards Brussels, among others.

Image above: Europe, Old Love (Denmark), Gute Zeit Film, 2019