INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUPER8/16 Saturday 18 September 2021, 9.00 pm, Motorenhalle

Guests: Filmmakers & Jury; Moderation: Jan Nordsieck & Sophia Hoffmann

Recent films from all over the world will be projected in the International Competition and the outstanding ones will be awarded! Despite the Corona pandemic, a diverse selection of short films in analogue format will be celebrated in the Motorenhalle. From a mix of fiction, documentary and experimental film, also the audience gets to choose their winner!

This year's jury prize went to Michel Antoine Chappuis with his film "Little Jack Has Bean". "The special Swiss humor, the interplay between real and surreal acting and especially the filming, which was very elaborate for Super 8, convinced us", said the jury of Masha Matzke (film scholar, curator and film archivist at the Deutsche Kinemathek), Etienne Caire (French filmmaker) and Ralf Forster (film scholar and head of collection at the Filmmuseum Potsdam).
The honorable mention received Conrad Veit and Charlotte Maria Kätzl with their film "Blastogenesis X". "The interplay between costumes, the acting and the filming location, as well as the high quality of the black-and-white footage, is something we would particularly like to acknowledge," the jury said.
And then the audience present had the chance to vote as well. This years Audience Award goes to "Inventaire (Inventory)" by Joeri De Jongh. The audience followed a woman trapped in the kitchen due to the necessary lockdown. She survives only by drinking, cooking and dancing and when she gets bored she starts counting the kitchen inventory accompanied by her black cat.
And the audience, who unfortunately could not be present at Motorenhalle Dresden, awarded Eva Claus with her film "Tirana" with the Audience Award Online, which was awarded for the second time. Her black and white afternoon shots of Tirana (Albania) convinced the online audience. It followed the children of the city, up and down the pyramid, watching them proudly present their urban playground and dominate the city.

Nominated films 2021:

Malte Bartels – Traffic III, 3:03 min, 8 mm, 2020, Germany
Michel Antoine Chappuis - Little Jack Has Bean, 3:24 min, Super8, 2019, Switzerland
Eva Claus – Tirana, 2:52 min, 16 mm, 2020, Albania/ Belgium
Joeri De Jongh – Inventaire (Inventory), 4:50 min, Super 8, 2020, Belgium
Jonas Erler - KAELTE (COLDNESS), 6:00 min, 16 mm, 2021, Germany
Christopher Gorski - Constant Agitation, 7:20 min, 16 mm, 2021, Germany
Stefan Koutzev – It’s okay to eat fish, because they don’t have any feelings, 8:38 min, 16 mm, 2019, Germany
Leena Lethi – Taiga, 2:42 min, 16 mm, 2021, Finland
Maxime Michel – Close Up, 3:22 min, Super 8, 2021, France
Stefan Möckel – Come Up, 0:34 min, Super 8, 2019, Turkey
Tim Oppermann – Ich kenn da jemanden (I know someone), 9:25 min, 16 mm, 2021, Germany
Paul Sies, Antonia Leyla Schmidt – Orpheus and Eurydike, 4:09 min, 16 mm, 2020, Germany
Andreas Wutz - Turn your scars into stars, 15:00 min, 16 mm, 2019, Spain
Conrad Veit, Charlotte Maria Kätzl - Blastogenese X, 8:26 min, 16 mm, 2021, Germany

Jury 2021

Masha Matzke, film scholar, curator and film archivist at the Deutsche Kinemathek
Etienne Caire, French Filmmaker
Ralf Forster, film scholar and head of collection for the Filmmuseum Potsdam