MESSALINE RAVERDY (FR/ BE) "DERRIÈRE LES VOLETS" Saturday 18 September 2021 4.00 pm, Motorenhalle

Guest: Messaline Raverdy (FR/ BE); Curation and moderation: Franziska & Sophia Hoffmann

"Derrière les volets" (2018, 50min, eng: Behind the Shutters) is Messaline Raverdy's (b. 1986) search for traces of her family and her grandfather's coffee factory RAVERDY. In conversations with her grandmother, in documents, advertisements, photos and Super8 films, she also sheds light on her own life situation. Her new Super8 films will also be shown. Screenings e.g. Millenium Festival du Film Documentaire/ Brussels, Curitiba Intern. Film Festival/ Brazil, Festival aux écrans du réel/ Le Mans

Image aboven: Derrière les volets © Messaline Raverdy, uberknackig, 2018