Next Generation RADICAL THINKERS WITH SERGE GARCIA Friday 17 March, 19:45, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (Backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guest: Serge Garcia (USA, MEX); Moderation: Sabine Kues & Jean-Noël Lenhard

Queer culture meets electro and Berghain. The common thread in Serge Garcia's young work is derived from his short film portraits of radical thinkers from the international art and culture scene. In sensitive monologues, Garcia's protagonists succeed in spanning an arc from gender to identities and the visibility and invisibility of bodies. Thus DJ Lisa Smith aka NONCOMPLIANT also speaks for the process of making this film series: "In defying, in noncomplying, we bend the world to our own will, instead of bending ourselves to the world."

In English

Image above: Serge Garcia, A Child of House, 2019