INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUPER 8/16 Saturday 18 March, 20:00, Motorenhalle, Wachbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden.

Guests: filmmakers & jury; Moderation: Gökçen Fındıkçı & Laura Demel

The International Competition Super 8/16 welcomed again this year the latest productions in Super 8, 8 and 16 mm format from all over the world. A diverse panorama of genres - from feature films to documentaries to experimental films - met the audience and the jury. And both chose their favorite. The jury was won over by "I AM A," a film by Berlin Super8 filmmaker Dagie Brundert. "This film, short and simple, is full of emotion and as honest as it is in its use of film material, said the international jury of Aga Jarząb (filmmaker, animator and graphic designer), Maciek Bączyk (visual artist, focusing on experimental film and installation) and Rasmus Gerlach (lecturer, film curator and filmmaker). In addition to the jury, the audience also voted for their favorite. Here the film by Manuel Francescon and Michael Sommermeyer "MOTIVATIONAL FILM NO. 751 - JOB DESCRIPTION: CONCRETE WORKER" won. "If advertising actually looked like this, the world would be a better place", said the jury, who also gave this film an honorable mention.

The jury prize is donated by Filmotec.

Nominees 2023

Alexander Bickford – MYELIN, 6:57 min, 16mm, 2021, US
A rumination on the diagnosis of disease.

Alexis Alexiou - IOTA PERIOD OMEGA, 13:25 min, super 8, 2022, GR
“A new species of human is about to arrive"
Shot on 8mm, and based loosely on the Greek myth of Io, Iota Period Omega is a sci-fi documentary. I.O is a girl from a post-climate-change future society, who works for the air force while constantly under surveillance. As she waits to be teleported to a distant planet, through her visual diary that comprises fragments of memories and thoughts, she converses with our present time in an attempt to safeguard her senses along with the memory of things worth preserving.

Dagie Brundert – I AM A, 2:30 min, super 8, 2022, GER
I'm at the sea, it's raining lightly, there's a lot of fog, and there's nobody on the beach, just me, a few seagulls and lots of thoughts. How about the dimensions?
(Developed in seaweed, vitamin c and washing soda)

Deborah S. Phillips – ZERRISSEN, 2:35 min, 16mm, 2021, GER
In the middle of the pandemic, I started to shoot 16mm stills to "be at peace/social"; over 1 year, ZERRISSEN was made to convert my mental state to this particular time in film. The film was edited in camera; then came the sound.

Jan Peters - JANUARY, 28-30, 9:00 min, 16mm, super 8, 2022, GER
January, 28-30 is an excerpt from "Actually actually January"

Josh Weissbach - THIS IS HOW I FELT, 1:35 min, 16mm, 2022, US
This Is How I Felt was filmed in a twenty-four period while the filmmaker was wearing a heart monitor to investigate possible arrhythmias.
Klaus Schreier - ZWINGER XPERIENCE, 1:30 min, super 8, 2022, GER
In the early morning, the Zwinger gets a life of its own.

Lea Hoffarth – LECSÓ, 5:17 min, Double Normal 8,  2022, GER
Lecsó is a traditional Hungarian recipe and it is originally made with bacon. Vegetarian narrator Florá said: ‘The rich taste changed everything for me!’.
Florá shows how to cook this breakthrough ingredient in her life and shares her connections to this dish.
Tomatoes are the basic ingredient for cooking Lescó. To place value on this, I exclusively developed the film with Tomatol.

Manuel Francescon, Michael Sommermeyer - MOTIVATIONAL FILM NO. 751 - JOB DESCRIPTION: CONCRETE WORKER, 4:15 min, super 8, 2022, GER
This satirical music video reveals the helpless attempts of the Federal Employment Agency's helpless attempts to motivate young people from educationally deprived to motivate young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to undergo vocational training. A German rap is meant to captivate the target group.

Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello – FRANCE, 6:00 min, super 8, 2022, GR
"The four corners of the hexagon." The formal simplicity of the “hexagon” (which refers to the idealized shape of metropolitan France) is countered in the film by convoluted drawings and twisted branches of a coastal environment, evoking French colonial domination and the illusion of national unity and harmony.

Pilar Falco - WANDER AROUND, 9:00 min, super 8, 2020, ARG
A space-time traveler traverses dimensions of matter and energy, crossing parallel, unique realities. A dream trip through her memories, nightmares and fantasies. Novel or reality? Nothing is static, nothing is permanent. Everything disintegrates.

Till Gombert - IMAGE ME, 5:55 min, super 8, 2022, GER
A photographic image in its production: exposure, development and reproduction. As the subject of its recording the faces of two people. The experimental short film "IMAGE ME" equates the face with the photographic image, exposing the merge with our depiction and a mechanics of rotation around our own axis.

Tim Dübbert - Cornflake Blvd, 3:30 min, super 8, 2022 GER
A film about cornflakes, filmed on one Super 8 cartridge with no editing.