Movement & Manifesto SCIENCE NEW WAVE - NARRATION AND RESEARCH Saturday 18 March, 18:15, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (Backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guests: Aga Jarząb & Maciej Bączyk (PL); Moderation: Sabine Kues & Jean-Noël Lenhard

In the fall of 2016, artists and scientists in Lairoux, western France, wrote the manifesto of a movement - Science New Wave. The Nouvelle Vague of science film does research with film, not on film! In the process, wonderful experiments full of contradictions are created: alive and not alive, preserved and on the verge of dissolution, natural and artificial - all at once. We show this short film program in cooperation with the streaming platform Labocine (

Image above: Eric Stewart, 2018