Focus JAN JEDLIČKA: THE MAREMMA PROJECT Saturday 18 March, 14:45, Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a (Backyard), 01067 Dresden

Guests: Jan Jedlička (CZ/ CH) & Introduction by Sylva Poláková (Národní filmový archiv - NFA); Moderation: Frank Eckhardt

Jan Jedlička was born in Prague in 1944 and studied there at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1962 to 1968. A year after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, he emigrated to Switzerland. In his work he uses various techniques and media - illustration, watercolor, photography, earth pigments, mezzotint, silkscreen and film. His ever recurring cycles explore the landscape in terms of movement and time (southern Tuscany, Ireland, Wales, or Prague), but also capture the shades of human nature and community poignantly and occasionally with an abysmal wit.

Image above: Jan Jedlička, Echo-Vocis Imago, 1994