DRKRM AND FRIENDS Saturday 9 July, 22:45, Concert Cellar at riesa efau, Adlergasse 14, 01067 Dresden

Guests: div. (DE, AU, FR); curation and moderation: Isabel Apel & Jan Nordsieck

When cinema and television began to slowly say goodbye to film material and closed their development labs, filmmakers around the world began to set up labs open to interested people. One of the most recent is the Dresden DRKRM in the Rosenwerk. And since you don't just set up a lab on your own, but with the help of others, the DRKRM team has invited friends from other lans in Germany and Austria as well as from France to a joint film evening. The guests include members of the Analogfilmwerke Hamburg, the Filmkoop Wien as well as Oscar Weiss, who is currently setting up a new lab in Strasbourg and, as a kind of counterpart, Klaus Schreier, who develops and edits at home in his own lab. That works, too! In this evening they do not only show finished films, but even some in the making and stories and glimpses behind the scenes of laboratory life.

Selection from the programme (OV)

- Ektadome, Laura Trager, 16mm, 2021, Analogfilmwerke Hamburg
- Portrait Landscape, Chris Gorski, 16mm, 2022, Analogfilmwerke Hamburg
- Visual Snow, Valentin Schmeißer, 16mm, 2020, Analogfilmwerke Hamburg
- Blätter im Herbst, Markus Maicher, 16mm, 2018, Filmkoop Wien
- 1224, Raphael Reichl, 16mm, 2018, Filmkoop Wien
- Hannibal ante portas, Alina Tretinjak, Super8, 2021, Filmkoop Wien
- Les films du dés-apparaître - #1 - Mes cheuv' dans ta ******, Oscar Weiss, Super 8, 2018, Straßburg
- Zwinger XPerience, Klaus Schreier, Super 8, 2020
- dort scheint immer die sonne, dort wird immer geblinzelt, Isabel Abpel, 2021, DRKRM Dresden 
- Pferderennen, Jan Nordsieck, 2019, DRKRM Dresden