INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUPER 8/16 WITH SØJUS1-PERFORMANCE Saturday 9 July, 21:30, switched to Motorenhalle, Wachbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden.

Moderation: Laura Demel & Gökçen Fındıkçı; Music: Søjus1 (DE); Curation, Music and stage: Franziska & Sophia Hoffmann

As this year's special, the competition will begin with electronic music by Søjus1 (Dresden). The synthesiser performance of analogue-modular vibrations will acoustically tune the audience to the analogue film format of the competition. 

Traditionally, prizes were also awarded at the International Super 8/16 Competition on the Saturday of the festival. And the interest of filmmakers and viewers in this contest, which is reserved solely for productions originally made on the Super8 and 16mm formats, is unbroken. From more than 200 international submissions, the dresdner schmalfilmtage presented fifteen nominated films to the festival audience and the international jury from: Mike Rollo (Filmmaker / Canada); Pieter-Jan De Pue (Filmmaker / Belgium) and Selia Fischer (DOK.fest Munich / Germany). The jury prize was awarded to the film "Into the Realm of the Night" by Patrick Mueller. "It is a film that transcends the viewer into a mystic universe where music and image collide and space and time merge. " The jury prize is donated by FilmoTec Wolfen. An Honorable Mention was also given to filmmaker Sandy McLennan for his film "Moving, parts one and two. " McLennans Movie is a formal exploration of image and sound, ruminating history, memory and obsolensence" the jury said. In addition to the jury, festivalgoers also voted for their narrow film favorite. This year's audience award went to Carina Zidan and Marlon Math with their film "Kuro blues" about the pest monk, Death. Night after night, an unsuspecting woman is haunted by a demon in her sleep.

And film lovers who couldn't be on site were also able to vote online in advance. They chose Ross McClure and her film "Dirty Sally" as their favorite, in which the renegade cop Dirty Sally investigates the local drug lord "The Sugarman". An exciting film shot on a single cassette of Super8 film, with all the editing done in camera.

This program will also be streamed live online on facebook.

Jury: Mike Rollo (Filmmaker/ Canada); Pieter-Jan De Pue (Filmmaker/ Belgien); Selia Fischer (DOK.fest Munich/ Germany)

Nominees 2022 (OV):

Dagie Brundert - Roberts Kulle, 3:13 min, super 8, 2021, Germany
Robert founded this insanely beautiful art center (Konstepidemin / Göteborg / Sweden) together with his friends. My studio for 4 weeks bears his name. I live here now.
I open the door in the morning and look at a hill. Roberts Hill. We slide slowly from winter to spring. No fresh leaves insight. It is raining very often. The hill is alive, pulsating, chirping, splashing, smelling, freezing, greening, trembling - I love it every day!
The hill is my pudding: soft and tasty. I climb up and slide down, the top is my personal whipped cream: a round place where nobody can see me! I can look directly into space!

Alexandra Cuesta  - Notes, Imprints (On Love): Part II, Carmela, 6:00 min, 16 mm, 2020, U.S.
An afternoon exercise of piecing together minimal details for safekeeping: my grandmother’s garden, her music, recipes for healing and wellbeing.

Tim Dübbert – III, 12:40 min, 8mm, 2021, Germany
A long time ago a sailor received a letter with 9 rules. They guide him on his long journey back to his beloved. Entirely shot and animated on Super 8.

Philip Evans - Super Gab, 2:41 min, super8, 2021, Sweden
Super Gab is a shot completely on Super 8 reversal film (Tri-X & Ektachrome) and then hand painted and scanned back in.
The results were then arranged in strips to emulate how it looks when film passes through the projector.

Alexandra Gelis - The Island, 6:09 min, super8, 2019, Canada 
A garden between Oakland and Berkley where its inhabitants, marginalized by gentrification, plant fruit trees and flowers to pay homage to their loved ones who died in battles against poverty. This is a space of love and freedom cared by Brian for the last 25 years. The island resists, as a living legacy of the Black Panthers who were the first to organize the neighbourhood.

Tetsuya Maruyama – ANTFILM, 2:15 min, super8, 2021, Brasil
How can one go against the system when you are part of it?

Ross McClure - Dirty Sally, 3:07 min, super8, 2021, UK
Things get personal when renegade cop Dirty Sally investigates local drug kingpin 'The Sugarman'. Shot on a single cartridge of Super8 film with all editing done in camera.
Sandy McLennan - Moving, parts one and two, 7:39 min, Regular 8mm, Double 8mm, 16mm, 2021, Canada
Same shot of my house, thinking about moving. Moving out/moving in, emptying boxes one at a time.

Patrick Mueller - Into the Realm of the Night, 5:40 min, 8mm, 2022, Germany
The transition from day to night. It magically casts a spell over us, we glide into it like water and enjoy it, despite all its dangers, it is the night we love.

Shoneel Yallattikar - Happy Honeymoon, 1:53 min, 16mm, 2021, India
A sweet romantic film about a working class couple enjoying their dream honeymoon in a cheap photography studio. They are pretending to actually be at a hill station to create photo memories for a honeymoon that could maybe never happen.

Grace Sloan - Death Valley, 10:57 min, 16mm, 2021, U.S.
It’s New Years' Eve 2080 and Earth is uninhabited. A new age radiologist travels from outer space to practice yoga in front of a desert sunset when an earthquake hurls her from a cliff.

Chantal Partamian – Solace, 1:00 min, super8, 2021, Lebanon
When the Beirut explosion occurred, my first thought was that of relief that my grandmother had passed a year and some before. The best hours to sit outside among her plants and flowers were those of sunsets.
How does one mourn when they are grateful for the occurrence of some deaths as salvation? How does one mourn when in separation, we spare the ones we love the end of their world?

Ignacio Tamarit - Epoch isn't big deal, 2:44 min, super8, 2021, Argentina
A handheld camera tries to empathize with urban objects that have inherited animated potential. These elements, disconnected from each other, are related through camera movement and montage, which slides through the city looking for its definitive form.

Carina Zidan, Marlon Math - Kuro blues, 10:16 min, 16mm, 2022, Germany
I am the black monk, the pest monk, the Death. My tongue smells like rotten fish, I’m craving for your breath. Night after night an unsuspecting woman is visited in her sleep by a demon.

Sam van Zoest – Imitator, 3:20 min, 8mm, 2021, Netherlands
A man who lives his life by imitating others, is shocked when he meets a striking companion.