16mm Film Workshop Copying, Printing, Screening

21.3./ 22.3.2020, Sat/ Sun, 10-18 o'clock

- During the two-day workshop by Riojim, Joyce Lainé and Loïc Verdillon (members of the French L'Atelier MTK Grenoble), you will learn in the darkroom how to experiment with film through chemical manipulation and discover the enormous potential of creativity that this process offers. The film projector will be presented to you in a very different light than usual, as a magical box for improvisation with sound and noise, image and light: film projection as an installation or performance. The participants develop ways of playing and interacting with the 16mm projector, they practice projection editing with loops and objects. Central to this are the principle of projection and the spatial arrangement with different editing possibilities, multi-projections and the joint work to form a coherent ensemble, whereby each participant become aware to the essential aspects such as attention, hearing, rhythm, silence (darkness), visual textures, continuity, minimalism as well as changes in time, development, beginning and end.

The workshop will be held in English.

Location: Photography and media workshop at the Kultur Forum - Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 2nd floor, 01067 Dresden, Germany
fee: Free of charge, registration here "Anmeldung" is mandatory.
Directed by Riojim, Joyce Lainé and Loïc Verdillon, members of L'Atelier MTK Grenoble (FR.), founded in 1992 by an ensemble of filmmakers, MTK is a craft, independent cinematographic laboratory equipped with 16mm b/w and colour film material for the work.

Please, bring along the following: 
Please bring your own film or „found-footage“ (16mm film: about 1 or 3 m), on which you can experiment. It does not matter whether it is positive or negative. However, it works best with high-contrast images. If no film material is available, we can provide found footage if necessary.

by phone: +49 351 8660211