Recorder - Hanna Nordholt and Fritz Steingrobe Friday 23nd of January 21.00

Hanna Nordhold and Fritz Steingrobe with their short films enter a dialog with the history of media. With the self image of film researchers they dissect found audio and video material, combine it anew and work it out into a poetically associative “educational film”. Seriousness and Eyewink follow closely. The animations technique, which allows a superb “picture per picture” analysis, is since 1984 for both Hamburg residents an ideal researching instrument and artisans tool. Although during their artistic reconnaissance voyages breaking the format boundaries are no exceptions, 8mm and 16mm film have established themselves in their subversive film making. 

They programmatically “fold the today with the yesterday and undergo a time travel through the archives. A sort of user’s manual for the intercourse with diverse realities”.
A special programme conducted in cooperation with the German Institute for Animated Film.


Hanna Nordholt und Fritz Steingrobe: Bi Mekaar

H. Nordholt and F.Steingrobe: Bi Mekaar