Radical Beauty – A retrospective with Thorsten Fleisch Friday 21 January 2011 22.30

A first approach to the film work of Thorsten Fleisch could be described as „uncompromising“ and „of radical beauty“. It is highly renowned internationally – lastly he designed electrographic titles for Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void. Very often he uses concrete base material for his minimalistic works – cristals at Kosmos, aluminium foil at Silver Screen. That’s why his actually abstract films appear very sensual. As a student with Peter Kubelka at the Städelschule he „drawed“ for Blutrausch with his own blood at 16mm film moving pictures, which are very near to the intensity of Stan Brakhage’s films. He created hypnotic, unsettled beautifully picture worlds with the help of animation, technical methods and experimental sound works. It partly happens across format borders like in Wound Footage. There he composed a 8mm film maltreated by heat, scuffs and cuts and a videotape, where its pixels were mixed up at the encoding mischievously.

Thorsten Fleisch will be a guest at the festival. During the dresdner schmalfilmtage artistic objects of him are presented in the Motorenhalle, as well. In cooperation with the German Institute for Animated Film.