The Radical Otherness – Samantha Rebello, London Friday 27 January 2012 19.30

Samantha Rebello is currently part of the “young and upcoming” London experimental film scene with film performances in famous galleries like “Serpentine” and has received awards at significant festivals. After conventional studies in music and composition, she began to film on 16mm. Her sensual and disturbing films analyse our perception of the world in a strictly composed way. The human body and objects of daily use change into unknown materials because of extreme close ups and a fantastic editing technique. Meat, milk and asphalt meet medieval worlds, bestiaries and cathedrals. The sound of church bells meets noise and modern music; with a microscopic view and mysterious sounds from cosmic dimensions and David-Lynch like mini-dramas.

“Exploring the radical otherness of things Samanta Rebello throws the strangeness and violence of being into relief.” (Mark Webber)

For the first time the dresdner schmalfilmtage will present a comprehensive film show by Samantha Rebello in Germany.


Samantha Rebello: Grreen Cells

Samantha Rebello: Green Cells