Spanish Eyes I - Stanley SundayThursday 26th January 2012 19.00

Surreal pictures and sounds, as well as subtle humour are the ingredients for the cineastic pop-explosion of David Domingo. The Spanish underground star acts as Stanley Sunday, a mysterious but trusting name. Since his youth he has improved video cassettes on sale by a certain video-cutting-technique: de Palmas EXORCIST as a musical.

The repertoire has been expanded with teaching- and promotion films, but also TV junk food. Furthermore, he composes his own short-takes and audio shreds to new moments of surprise. Sunday mostly shoots at home, the outside world takes part via film roles, internet, dvds and television. He uses the iconography of pop culture and its artefacts (comics, tapes). He seems to be Kenneth Anger of the video age; returning to the materiality of pure substandard films and performing miracles with animation mechanisms.


D.Domingo Filmando

David Domingo: Filmando