Spanish Eyes II – Albert Alcoz Saturday 28 January 2012 19.30

The world of films and pictures as a favoured self-service-shop – found footage plays the role of a commenting and ironical set piece. However, the filmmaker Albert Alcoz, who lives in Barcelona, creates no monsters through collages divided into small sections. He uses optical alienation techniques to form the basic material for strange film experiences. Due to haziness and focus pictures blur new aspects, away from realistic details to the point of basic structures of actions, colours and sounds. Ethnographic films experience - through a contorted camera - deformations of format. Chemicals and colours will open a new perspective of old filmstrips. Albert Alcoz connects the structured strength of Michael Snow with the intuitive power of the diary-cinema of Jonas Mekas in his found-footage-montages, as well as in his self-made films.

Albert Alcoz will also show and introduce Alberto Cabrera Bernal's films. Bernal lives in Madrid and works on 16mm with found footage under systematic parameters. His startling films could be described as some kind of structural collage films with recycled reflexive meanings.



Albert Alcoz: Weird War