BREAKING GROUND IV: Kuxa Kanema Saturday, January 24, 2014, 5.30 pm

The Birth of Cinema - Mozambique in the 70s

1975 – As one of the last countries in Africa, Mozambique gains its independence after a long struggle. It is one of the poorest countries in the world – there is hardly any functioning educational system. One of the new government's first acts is the foundation of a national film institute (INC). Out of nothing, a small film industry emerges – with a focus attention on the formats super 8 and 16 mm. Film and TV seem to be the right media to promote the national and socialist identity. This starting position is a fascinating challenge for european intellectuals like Jean-Luc Godard. For a short time, Mozambique turns into a huge laboratory to try out left-wing social and media theory in practice. We present clips from various news reels and films which give an insight into the country's development phase and this rare moment of media history.
Kuxa Kanema 1976-1978, 78 min, 16 mm, digitalized