18 or above!Saturday, 21 January 2017, 10:30 pm

The dresdner schmalfilmtage celebrate their 18th birthday this year. At this age everything changes: You are allowed to vote, to drive a car, to buy strong alcohol legally, to attend a peep show – and much more! Reason enough to present a real '18 or above' programme: And one by the way that is quite something! With explicit language, the depiction of disgusting sexual acts and blunt violence!!! Hooray! Or rather psst!, so that the parents won't notice. That's why this special programme takes place in the dark basement of the subculture swinger club 'riesa efau'. Free entry for everyone who turns up in fetish outfit! For everyone else too, by the way.

Compiled and presented by porn dubbing artist Manuel Francescon.


Sternenkreuzer Abartica