Ben Hopkins: 37 Uses for a Dead SheepSunday, 22 January 2017 7.30 pm
->Screening at the Thalia Cinema, Görlitzer Str. 6 <-

If there is one film which enchanted all film critics at the Berlinale 2006, it is this one: '37 Uses For A  Dead Sheep'. The accomplishment of British direction eccentric Ben Hopkins in interaction with 2000 Pamir-Kyrgyz is the stuff great cinema is made of – handmade. By accident the director encountered Pamir-Kyrgyz living in Turkish exile and immediately succumbed to their wit.
With digital, super8 and 16mm cameras, in interviews and magnificent b/w enactments, the film reconstructs a long history of migration and expulsion – reflected, self-mocking and touching. - For these film reels, it's worth it to have a look into the cold storage!

'Witty, warm-hearted and marvellously wacky.' (Zitty)
'Pamir-Kyrgyz'? Never heard of them? Then it's time.' (FAZ)

''Here, someone has remembered each and every trap documentary films have blundered into in the past.' (taz)