Workshop - Expanded Cinema

This workshop by the film laboratory CRATER-Lab from Barcelona will convey a short introduction of film history as well as practical aspects of 'Expanded Cinema'. Expanded Cinema doesn't just take place on screen. Image and sound are manipulated by multiple projections, loops and lighting experiments. The projector transforms into an instrument and the filmmaker into a composer. Film projection as a collective performance.
A short film-historical introduction presents examples of 'Expanded Cinema' from the Cinema of Attraction to flicker films until today. During the practical foundations, the participants learn the projectors' construction to be able to experiment with the manipulation of their properties, for example by filter and lighting variation. The workshop's experimental results will be presented as a collective performance at the 18th dresdner schmalfilmtage.
Filmmakers Adriana Vila and Luis Macias are co-founders of the independent analogue film laboratory CRATER-Lab, established in Barcelona in 2014. Both of them experiment in their cinematic work on 8mm, Super8, 16mm and Video with the materiality of film. In addition to documentaries and experimental films, numerous Expanded Cinema performances have been produced.


The workshop will be conducted in English.

Course instruction Adriana Vila und Luis Macías
Dates 20. / 21.1. 2017
Times Fr 12-18 Uhr, Sat 10-16 Uhr
Fees  80 Euro / ermäßigt 65 Euro
Venue   Dachsaal I


Call the local office: 0351 8660211
Or via the internet on the website of riesa efau: www.riesa-efau.de