We do (not) have a recipe

PREMIERE!!! No, not the editing program from Adobe and also no film vernissage! Much better: Because we don't have a recipe, the dresdner schmalfilmtage will take place during summertime for the first time in its history! And this offers not only the possibility of open air screenings, but also the enjoyment of cool drinks in summery evening hours and maybe even ice cream.
What ingredients are we mixing? Cool ones, of course. Very important: Get Together, meetings of filmmakers and all others who are interested. Plus a cross over: film, live music, performance, expanded cinema, visual and performing arts, poetry. Two films from Afghanistan, one shot there and one cut from the country's archives, best-of from the Hochschule Kunst und Medien Köln, Italian experimental films from the 1960s untill today, films by Czech artist-philosopher Miloš Šejn, Super8 films from 1970s Iran as an introduction, and much more. Night Mixfilm! Workshops! Of course, also the competitions! Live dubbing, found footage, international competition. Parties, night film, moonlight, encounter, pure romance! On covered courtyards, in a cellar, on a terrace and in many rooms! Plus the exchange of recipes on drinks, culinary, on art, film, money, political, private and other issues in life. We don't have a recipe! 
This is a huge opportunity! Let's make something out of it!