QUÉBECANADA – TWO SOLITUDES Sunday 17 March, 14:30, Motorenhalle (backyard), Wachbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden.

Guest: Sandy McLennan (CA); Moderation: Jan Nordsieck

Canada the vast country is bilingual with French Quebec and the much larger English parts. Sandy McLennan is one of the lucky Canadians who has a personal relationship with both French and English. Contrary to what one might think, however, this is not always the case. 

Together with filmmakers from Quebec and Ontario, McLennan has selected films from their pool that shed light on the differences and similarities that make up the country, exploring the loneliness and similarities that both language worlds share. It is about separation and unification, about preservation and about two parts that make a whole - but of course also about bringing together very different film techniques to interpret one's own world. 

The films come from Ontario and Quebec, or as it used to be called, Upper and Lower Canada.

C'est le premier decembre, 2018, Nicole Blundell
Parhelion, 2016, Dan Browne
River, 2023, Penny McCann
Oh Canada, Oh Covid, 2022, Cooper
Le long cri du train qui passe au coeur des spectres et tout explose en silence, 2020, Anne-Marie Bouchard
Spinning, 2019 Rennie Taylor
Pockets of Sadness, 2023, Sandy McLennan
Bleue, 2021, Anne-Marie Bouchard
By the Time We Got to Expo, 2015, Phil Hoffman, Eva Kolze
Nation, 1997, John Price
81.92, 2018, Matthew Wolkow
Saguenay '79, 1979, Sandy McLennan
Transmission, 2023, Nicole Blundell
Une version des faits, 2023, Nicole Blundell
Correspondence/dance, 2024, Sandy McLennan/Nicole Blundell
Intervals, 2024, Sandy McLennan


The program is in English