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Greifswald Experimental Film Circle (the filmmakers are present)

The beginnings of the Greifswald film underground lie in the year 1983, when Thomas Frick, stimulated by the super8 filming of Nils Braasch (from Schwerin), decided to make Films by himself. His first film “An Excursion in the Mountains” was made 1983. The material for his next film “The Massacre” was confiscated during the development process by the Stasi. Among our guests are three members of the group (Thomas Frick, Robert Conrad and Nils Braasch). They are going to report from first hand about their work and will also present four of their films.

Der Ausflug ins Gebirge

1983, 8mm, b/w, 15 min, Thomas Frick

Das Massaker

1984 - 87, Super8, color, 25 min, Thomas Frick

Hausfrauen und Chauffeure - ein Spaziergang

1986, Super 8, b/w, 25 min, Robert Conrad


1987, Super 8, 20 min, Nils Braasch