Gérard Courant (F) »Cinématons« Thursday 24.01. 19.30

Gérard Courant, a passionate cinemagoer and film critics starts on February the 7th 1978 a fascinating Super8 portrait series: the „Cinématon“.

The rules of engagement were set up with the first portrait and since never changed. Every „Cinématon“ is a stand alone close up from a person from the film or art scene. The film is mute and lasts for 3min.25 sec. – the exact length of the used super8 spool rolled at 18 f/s. Within this time frame the portrayed person enjoys absolute freedom. Some of the develop a nice scenario, use requisites, act wild, others stay motionless. With every journey, every acquaintance new portraits come along. In the meantime there are over 2000. Within the “dresdner schmalfilmtage” Gérard Courant is going to present a selection of them, among others Cinématons from Sandrine Bonnaire, Maurice Pialat, Jean Luc Godard, Olivier Assayas, Alexander Kluge, Michaël Snow, Pip Chodorow.

More Information about Courant is available at: www.gerardcourant.com


Cinematon No 238: Sandrine Bonnaire