Paul Dorn (CH)»The self filming apparatus« Friday 25.01. 22.30

An experimental film with multiple choice. The human and his eye and his mute opposition, the eye of the camera…

A human tries through camera reflexion to find and define himself. He meticulously builds an Apparatus in order to represent himself as best as possible and thus so to observe oneself as accurately as possible. Thus he tests the borders of self representation. Different stories and ghosts interweave into each other, the apparatus begins to rapidly become independent; the solution is a poetic one.

The film came into being in the time between a theatre engagement and a year as a visiting student on the Academy for fine arts in Hamburg. It deals with the question about presentability in general, the egocentric self-acting in theatre and the renewed contact with the outside world after a time of seclusion in the north of Schleswig-Holstein.