Visual Variations - Ten 16mm shorts, presented by Ute Aurand Saturday 24th of January 19.30

Filmstills Fadenspiele

“The schmalfimtage asked me as a film maker a curator to draw up a programme with my own and others films. I chose 10 short films and put them under Marie Menken’s title “Visual Variations” together, because all of the films do storytelling visually, although in different manner. Some are playing with shape and atmosphere like “Fadenspiele” and “Tulipan”, others have documentary qualities like “Portrait of GA” from Margaret Tait, who filmed her mother on Orkney 1952 or Jeannette Muñoz’s “Envíos” with simple and direct pictures from friends. In “Visual Variations on Noguchi“ float filmed sculptures from Noguchi in a wild fashion. „Wenn Du eine Rose siehst“, „A Walk“, „Im Park“ and „Zuoz“ on the one side tell their story with rhythmic editing while on the other side „Wenn Du eine Rose siehst“ is rather a choreography of colours and actors. Deborah Phillps animates her pictures between game and earnestness in “Purim”. “My Line” is a beautiful short film with the son of the film maker and an elated emotional Song.”

Ute Aurand is present and will moderate this programme. 



Filmstill: Tulipan

Ute Aurand: Tulipan