Passages - Lisl Ponger Thursday 22nd of January 21.00

Travel pictures, picturesque ethno scenes, the image of “experienced exotics” on super8 – who is not familiar with the small, carefully labelled film rolls – Romania 1984, Algeria 1990 – relicts of a collective travel fever. Whole private film archives are to be thanked to the “tourist curiosity”. A true ocean of pictures, which the artist and film maker Lisl Ponger, tries to carefully survey since more than 20 years. Found footage, the work with already existing audio and video material, is one of her central, artistic methods. In her film essays Ponger composes and decomposes the findings as a true virtuoso. She hypnotizes and introduces new, confusingly multi layered coherences. Pictures and times, known and unknown places, voices and sounds rub, plunge and intermingle. The cliché, the idea of a “homogenous world view”, stumbles, bends, implodes. Not always is this successful the very first time. Even these failures are not left open. How else would one notice the hooks and nooses of the other or even of one owns existence.

Lisl Ponger is going to be present.

Please notice also the great work exhibition of the artist in Kunsthaus Dresden. The greatest retrospective Lisl Ponger’s outside of Austria is going to be shown under the title “Lasst tausend Blumen blühen” (Let thousand flowers bloom).


Lisl Ponger: Semiotic-Ghosts

Lisl Ponger: Semiotic-Ghosts