OpeningThursday, 19 January 2017 6.30 pm


“Even Silence is Cause of Storm” by Adriana Vila and Luis Macias

We seek alert and attentive minds for the 18th dresdner schmalfilmtage! - and therefore, for a start, we let a storm rise: With a massive roar the Spanish performance artists Luis Macías and Adriana Vila will tear down all borders when cinema and performance unite in an emancipatory act of film that has been dissolving the limits of the screen since the 1960s.
Creative chaos reigns, as multiple projectors illuminate the wall and are joined by the handmade soundtrack by Portuguese sound poet Alfredo Costa Monteiros. A new cinematic world is created by a big bang – and then there is silence.

The opening ceremony is free of charge.

The storm exhales through us and the bare branches (each and every one), so that we can borrow its pure and permanent virtue. We wonder if the cities have heard the simplicity of its story, despite its loneliness. However, they have not been purged in the flow out the night stream. Now they crawl away. Perishable, late and far, the earth does not argue. It has no arguments. In discord, hopefully, we discover its answer, as refugees in the illusory trap of illusion. For now, they say, the storm has passed. But we do not believe it“  - Even Silence is Cause of Storm